Jules Troyer PhD is a trial consultant specializing in applying social science research foundations, principles of psychology, and education to legal and academic situations where a critical understanding of learning, instruction, and diversity are needed. Her research in attention and perception facilitates a cutting edge perspective on how to best present materials to learners of different backgrounds, prior knowledge, ethnicity, religion, gender, sociological-economic status, intelligence, age, or other individual differences. Additionally, her 14 years experience teaching psychology at the university level and research in consciousness and problem solving provide an innovative lens on how individuals approach difficult or complex information, how they make sense of it, how to bring attention to the most important areas, and how to help redirect attention away from confusing or contradictory information.
She leverages the statistical information garnered from carefully selected and conducted tests and measurements instruments and information gathered through research methodologies such as focus groups, interviews, and case studies to inform decisions based on actuarial and clinical judgement.

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